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METROPOLITAN TOURING C.A. Website. Terms and Conditions of use

Welcome to the Metropolitan Touring C.A. Travel Agency portal (here in after, Metropolitan Touring), henceforth “this website”, It is essential that you read the following text carefully before using or obtaining any content, to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions while using this page, products or services through this website. The acceptance of these terms and conditions implies the express consent of them.

The person who enters this website, will be considered a User in the terms detailed in this instrument.

  1. Intellectual Property: Authorizations, licenses and registered trademarks

The owner of this website is Metropolitan Touring and has the corresponding authorizations for the use of the images, graphics, icons, characters, texts, software, videos and any other content of the site that will be called “content” from now on, as well as the encodings HTML, CGI, WS and other codes and texts in any format, hereinafter referred to as “code”, used to implement this site.

The use of any automated system or software to extract data from this website for commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited. No code or content may be modified, altered, copied, distributed, retransmitted, exposed, used, reproduced and / or published under any circumstances, except for what is expressly authorized.

The corporate image and logo of Metropolitan Touring, must be respected by Users and in general those who intend to establish a link between any website and any of the pages of this website. As these products are protected by Intellectual Property, no links may be established from this website to web pages where the logo or any element that identifies Metropolitan Touring as the owner of the website does not appear, without prior written authorization from Metropolitan. Touring.

  1. Computer programs

All computer programs available to be downloaded from this website are copyrighted and owned by Metropolitan Touring. Their use is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement, wich accompanies or is included in the computer program (License Agreement). No program that has a license agreement may be installed or used without first having approved the terms of the aforementioned agreement.

  1. Technical access requirements

The user who accesses this website declares to be of legal age and have the legal capacity to contract, likewise must have access to the internet network, pay the corresponding access and connection fees and have the equipment and computer systems necessary to make the connection to the network, including a suitable terminal for the purpose (computer, telephone, etc.) and a modem or any other access device. The downloading of certain computer programs or other logical elements on your computer equipment implies the correct access and use of certain content and services on this website. In order to view and use this website correctly, on the home page the user is informed of the characteristics he/she must have. The user will be responsible for the installation, declining Metropolitan Touring of any type of responsibility that may arise from it.

  1. Responsibility

Metropolitan Touring does not guarantee the accuracy and declines all responsibility for errors in the information and description of the content and / or services found on this website (software, products and services published), which in some cases are provided by the suppliers of these services. Besides, expressly Metropolitan Touring reserves the right to correct any price on this website and reservations made with an incorrect price. If available, the offer will be the opportunity to keep your reservation at the correct price or cancel it, without penalty, as long as it complies with the above characteristics.

  1. Third portals connections and links

This website may contain links that communicate with portals operated by third parties independent of this Metropolitan Touring website.

Metropolitan Touring has no control over them and is not responsible for their content or for any damage or loss that access to aforementioned links may cause. These sites included on this website does not imply any type of association with such third parties or their operators. When you access one of these links, you are entering a portal outside the Metropolitan Touring website, so the infallibility of the service or the absence of computer viruses in the services provided by third parties is not guaranteed. You are advised to read the instructions of these sites regarding their privacy, as these may be different from those offered by Metropolitan Touring.

  1. Services

Metropolitan Touring, given its nature, as a Travel Agency declares that acts as an intermediary between users and the entities or persons in charge of providing air or land transport services, accommodation, food, or any other service contracted through this website, hereinafter “the Suppliers”.

Suppliers directly own, manage or make available travel products. You are responsible for accepting and understanding the terms and privacy policies of the provider, that rules your reservation. You are responsible for any interaction between you and the suppliers that you have access to through this website. Metropolitan Touring is not responsible for any inconvenience that may arise with your reservation or your trip

Displaying suplliers´ offers does not in any way imply, suggest or consitute a recommendation for use by Metropolitan Touring. Also Metropolitan Touring is not responsible that the content provided by the suppliers is accurate, updated or complete, and, therefore, does not guarantee the prices shown on this website. Prices vary constantly, additional charges may apply (service charges, baggage fees, and local taxes and fees). Always verify that the prices are as expected, before completing the reservation,

The user expressly acknowledges that Metropolitan Touring acts as an intermediary in the contracting of products related to accommodation and accepts the contracting conditions indicated by the supplier.

The user expressly agrees to pay the charges for cancellation or change in the reservation as indicated in the rules and restrictions of the booking made with the supplier.

Metropolitan Touring is not responsible for non-compliance of suppliers in the performance of their obligations, or unforeseen events caused by cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, such us but not limited to strikes, weather conditions, delays, earthquakes, political factors, denial of entry permits, issues of health, as well as for material, personal or moral damages that the user may suffer due to loss, damage or theft of luggage, nor due to accidents, illnesses or deaths. From all this, the user must make a claim directly to the providers of the breached service, in which Metropolitan Touring will collaborate with the user as soon as possible.

Compliance with the obligations on travel documents, such as visas, permits to leave the country for minors, weight and content of luggage and other cargo, validity of passports, visas, driving licenses, etc. They are the responsibility of the user, so they already accept to know the particular and waive subsequent claims.

The user accepts before or during the trip, in the event of force majeure or fortuitous event, the supplier and / or Metropolitan Touring may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, prices or optional services.

Additional Terms and Conditions may apply to reservations, purchase of goods and services, and to other sections of this website, depending on the specific service supplier and you as a user agree to accept such clauses and conditions.

  1. Claims

Claims generated about the provision of the services offered and acquired by this website, must be made through electronic means, using the mechanisms implemented on this website or through written communication up to a maximum period of two years after having been satisfied the contracted services. Any communication received after the indicated period of time will be considered prescribed.

  1. Cancellations, modifications and refunds

Cancellation, modification or refund of a service requested by the user, expressly accepts that he will hold to the policies, terms, penalties and availability of the suppliers. The expenses generated by penalties, administrative charges, schedule changes, rate differences, date changes, among others, will be behalf by the user.

PDue to external factors to the supplier in products that include air tickets, such as weather conditions, operations, internal problems at the place of operation of the flight, etc., it is not possible to schedule the flight on the planned day, the date will be rescheduled again without the option to refund money and in the event that additional nights of stay are generated at the destination, expressly accepts to be assumed by the client.

Reimbursement policies for services not provided due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, action or omission of third parties or the passenger, not attributable to Metropolitan Touring, before or during the trip, which may be subject to return, will be defined for each supplier, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions that may be applicable. Metropolitan Touring is not jointly and severally liable for the amounts requested in reimbursement by the user.

In any case, Metropolitan Touring will not be obliged to return those expenses that the suppliers have already incurred as a result of the hiring and, consequently, are not returned to the Travel Agency. These values will be considered as communication and management expenses according to the regulations in force in Ecuador. These expenses, if required by the client, will be supported by a written document from the supplier.

In the event of cancellations the User accepts that, Metropolitan Touring will not be obliged to return the amounts paid for the advisory fee, as it constitutes a prior management expense already made.

8.1 Initial payments

For those products that require the payment of a certain sum for the reservation and blocking of spaces, that amount will be considered blocked and will not be refundable under any circumstances.

8.2 Total Payment and Cancellations

  1. Registration

Acquiring services through this Metropolitan Touring website is subject to the general conditions established, and implies that nothing should be understood, supposed or imagined as included, but is described in the programs.

  1. Limitations of personal and commercial use

This site can only be used to make authentic reservations or purchases, and cannot be used for other purposes than those described here. No speculative, false or fraudulent reservations will be made and in general no illegal or prohibited activity in the terms and conditions mentioned here.

As a user, you assume that you are of sufficient legal age to use the site and to accept the legal and economic obligations that this entails. You accept that you are aware of all the responsibilities arising from the use of this website, whether caused by you or by third parties operating under your password (with or without your permission). You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords and the information contained in your user account. All information you send us must be accurate and up-to-date. Extreme reserve with this information is recommended.

  1. Global Distribution System (GDS)

The information provided on this website regarding the schedules, availability and online reservations of cars, hotels and flights are the property of the Global Distribution System (GDS) and its integrations. Without prior written consent. of the GDS and, when necessary, of the other suppliers of travel information, neither the GDS data, nor the other data accessed through this service, may be reproduced, sold, transmitted, modified, redistributed, retransmitted, published or commercially exploited in any way.

This website has been created with data obtained from various sources. The GDS does not guarantee the availability, access, veracity, punctuality or any other aspect of the information contained therein.

  1. Security and privacy

At the time of payment, all credit card information that you provide on this website is transmitted through SSL (Security Socket Layer). This proven code system allows your team to code the information before it is sent to our system.

The encrypted information reaches our servers that have all the updated security patches and the unused ports closed and protected with a firewall, to finally take its original form and execute the payment process.

Metropolitan Touring does not store information about the credit cards of its users for security reasons. Consequently, each time the user makes a transaction must enter the credit card details again.

  1. Security Risks that you should be aware of

A user can be deceived through emails or some DNS server, to visit a false site that presents the same design, but where the card data is loaded into the false system, stealing cardholder information, For this reason, it is important that users enter directly through known domains to reduce risks.

The computer where the user is carrying out the transaction could be without prior knowledge of the user installed some spyware or malicious software that captures everything typed by the keyboard, or captures information from input devices and is sent to a network or host in Internet. Therefore, as far as posible, it is recommended that the transaction be carried out on the home or office computer.

Impersonation of the user could also occur or that the user denies having sent and / or received the transaction and it is used by a third party.

  1. Use of cookie technology

www.metropolitantouring.com.ec reserves the right to use so-called “cookies” in any type of use of this website. Cookies are small data files that are generated on the user’s computer and that allow us to know the following information:

  • Date and time of the last time the user visited our website.
  • Content design that the user chose in his first visit to our website.
  • Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.

However, users are informed of the possibility of rejecting this use on their computer terminal through these “cookies”. Once you are registered, other users can see whether or not you are connected and thus contact you more fluently and quickly.

  1. Protection of personal data

The data provided by the user to this website will be kept under strict confidentiality and will be used in accordance with the national and international personal data treatment policies. All the legally required security measures for the protection of personal data has been adopted by Metropolitan Touring; However, it cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems, nor can it guarantee the security or inviolability of that data in its transmission through the network. Likewise, Metropolitan Touring does not guarantee the veracity or validity of the data provided by the client.

If you reserve or purchase products or services on this website, Metropolitan Touring provides the relevant personal information to the contracted service supplier: airlines, car rental companies, hotels, and others involved to complete the transactions, which is expressly accepted by the User together with the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Metropolitan Touring also provides personal information to its third-party service providers (such as developers) who assist us in providing, maintaining, and advertising this website, but those third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements that prohibit unauthorized use or disclosure of the information to which they have access. Metropolitan Touring does not sell “user listings” or individual member names to third parties, and does not intend to do so in the future. Metropolitan Touring will disclose personal information to government officials or legal entities when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, and we will disclose personal information, if we believe it is necessary to do so in order to protect against interference with the rights or property of Metropolitan Touring or its users.

Registered data may be used for the provision and administration of Metropolitan Touring services. Reservations procces and collection of products and services through www.metropolitantouring.com.ec; reservation center, mobile communication systems based on GSM, GPRS or UMTS technologies, realization of statistics, sending of advertising and others commercial promotions by email, SMS, MMS or any other analog media

If you do not authorize your personal data to be processed for the purposes of promoting and advertising our products, please indicate us by writing an e-mail to the address promotionsmt@mtagencia.com.

  1. Prohibitions

The user agrees not to perform any of the following acts.

  1. a) Violating any constitutional, legal and / or regulatory norm in the service.
  2. b) Pretend to be someone else.
  3. c) Provide false or misleading information.
  4. d) Cause annoyance or disturb third parties through the, or in the service.
  5. e) Collect, store, publish or distribute data from or about third parties.
  6. f) Use the service in any way that is not expressly permitted.
  7. g) Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit for any commercial purpose any part by use or access to the service.
  8. h) Use terms or expressions that are abusive, intimidating, slanderous or contrary to good manners.

Metropolitan Touring reserves the right to remove any publication that violates the foregoing.

  1. Jurisdiction and legal competence

This contract will be applied under Ecuadorian law. In the event of a claim regarding the relationship or execution in compliance with the conditions established in this document or the use of the service, including without limitation, a claim regarding the validity, interpretation, enforceability or breach of aforementioned conditions, finally It will be resolved by the competent judges of the Quito Canton, Pichincha Province. User declares that he / she renounces jurisdiction, legal competence and domicile.

18.Terms and Conditions Modification

This website may contain typographical errors and inaccuracies in the information, programming codes, products and other services published, therefore Metropolitan Touring, its suppliers and collaborators will periodically make changes to update the information, it is understood that these changes are accepted by the User when continuing to use the contracted services.

Metropolitan Touring reserves the right to modify, at any time, these terms and conditions, or introduce new conditions of use and responsibilities, just by communicating it on this website. These modifications will be applied to all users as of their entry into legal force and effect.


 * Terms and Conditions are subject to constant updates.